I’m working mom with four kids ages ranging from toddler up to teenager so it is really challenging than one of them gets sick scheduling a doctor’s appointment is always an inconvenience to go and work around the kids school and activities so having an option like Telamedicine is a game-changer I can talk to a doctor Anytime 24/7 from anywhere whether I’m at home or in the office or even in the car driving my kids around so it is huge help the doctors that I’m interacting with from doctors have been really great prettiest and caring about the situation that we’re dealing with and there are experienced in their field weather that’s Pediatrics emergency medicine so I always know that I’m dealing with a competent doctor and son had a severe case of pink eye and the doctor was able to identify it from a photo and get him a prescription within an hour which was amazing because he was in a lot of pain and it would have been awful to have to wait a day or two to see our normal pediatrician in order to treat his eye so that was a great experience.


This service provides access by phone, phone app or computer to English and Spanish speaking doctors, and is available to you and up to 7 additional family members for one low fee $12.15 per month feesaving time, money, and worry.


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